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InVcap is an Investment Advisor that provides accredited Investors access to investment opportunities in the frontier markets of Africa.  Our investment focus is driven by the high growth opportunity in the Frontier Markets- which represents a total of 17 of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world. InVcap targets clients in the commercial real estate, hospitality, consumer, and tourism sectors and commits capital to develop support infrastructure for these projects.

InVcap partners with high growth companies in their transitional process, whether at the growth, restructuring or expansion level, to achieve their goals. InVcap enhances the value and quality of investments in businesses while creating wealth. Our goal is to form partnerships and strategic alliances that produce organizations that are “built to last”. By participating in the developmental processes of its potential partners, InVcap offers professional advisory services and infuses the capital required to function effectively. Through a combination of funding sources and partners, InVcap injects capital into businesses to make them high performing organizations that deliver on their promises to all stakeholders.

InVcap is advisor to in companies that operate in the Frontier markets. It is active in business environments that are characterized by limited competition and where Africa has a comparative advantage- A strategy that ensures diversification of InVcap clients and provides investors with above average, risk-adjusted returns.

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