We seek opportunities to participate in situations where expansion or transition capital is required. We provide capital for expansion to accelerate growth and developmental strategy. By investing in Infrastructure projects, new facilities and existing facilities, investing in sales and marketing to target new markets, expansion or strategic acquisitions, we facilitate the developmental initiatives of the developing world and create growth opportunities for our partners.

Capital is availed to businesses undergoing transition in the following areas:

  • Businesses looking to expand in retail franchises and commercial real estate
  • Industry consolidations – retail and financial services
  • Buy-out of existing partners or where an entrepreneur seeks an exit strategy including a bridge finance to public markets.

Major Considerations include:

We do not insist on holding a majority position however, we require board representation to provide management support, governance and strategic planning, thereby allowing the businesses we invest in to benefit from the networks and value addition we bring to the relationship.

A Sound Management

  • We invest in companies run by managers with proven track record of professional competence and skills.
  • Managers who have a vision, strategy and commitment to realize the goals and objectives of the company are an asset that we want to work with.
  • Managers who hold themselves to the highest ethical standards in governance, stewardship and community responsibility. 

Click here to fill out the Investment Eligibility Assessment Form

Click here to fill out the Investment Eligibility Assessment Form