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Research at InVcap share its views on why the map of the investment world has changed dramatically in the last few years…

” A decade ago, Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) took off in a way the investing world could hardly believe: They went from making up about 8 percent of the world’s real gross domestic product in 2000 to having a roughly 17 percent share in 2010″. Smart money believes the times have changed and the reasons behind the changes are many. They range from the slowing of economies in China and India, to the arrival of new consumer markets, and the surprising way in which the debt crisis has played the international stage. There’s one more big reason, The old playbook (hinged on: standard investment rules) has stopped working or so it seems in Frontier Africa…Read more in this report:  

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Check out the Indicators below:

  • Since 2007, Africa achieved a 6% compound annual economic growth rate.
  • Africa’s 16 reforming countries account for 76% of total GDP in the continent. They Include: South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Angola, and Ghana. 
  • The major sectors accounting for growth include: Real Estate/ Construction-8%, Tourism-8.7%, Telecoms- 7.8%, Financial Institutions-7.5%
  • 2011 Capital inflows into Africa amounted to $84b p.a. excluding remittances and foreign aids.
  • Frontier countries including Nigeria, Kenya, are listed on the Next eleven (N-11) largest economies in the world as depicted by Goldman Sachs’ Jim O’Neill.
  • Stable government, improved regulatory framework, growing infrastructure, urbanization and higher literacy ratio is rapidly spreading across these markets.
  • Nigeria has the highest market size to population index of 125.1m, even surpassing South Africa. 

Economic analysts are of the opinion that the best returns can be expected from these markets in the nearest future.

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