As an Advisor to Investors InVcap aims to enhance the value and quality of investments in local firms while creating wealth for its Investors. To this end:

  • We connect clients to Potential investors: InVcap understands the invaluable position of financial intermediaries in origination and developing attractive investment opportunities. We leverage our relationship with our partners to provide efficient funding options that meet the needs of our clients.
  • We act as a catalyst. Our group of advisors identify investment opportunities, initiate and facilitate connections to project managers. Our goal at InVcap is to nurture small businesses, cottage industries and next-generation corporations to create revenues, pay taxes, thus facilitate economic development through “partnerships”
  • The calibre of management and technical experts within the InVcap group ensure the realization of these goals.
  • InVcap’s interest in the African markets is driven by its potential to develop at a very fast pace. The average economic growth rate across Africa exceeds the rate in the developed world. Several African countries are also outpacing other BRIC countries and this trend is expected to continue in the medium to long term.