Market Focus

InVcap welcomes companies with meaningful competitive advantage, seeking expansion and developmental opportunities in the high growth sectors of Frontier Africa. We partner in ventures where the underlying fundamentals are positive generators for return, rather than situations where aggressive structuring, financial engineering or leverage is required to create value in our investment.

The Frontier Environment

Institutional Investors and High net worth individuals (HNIs) are refocusing investments in Africa’s private equity (PEs) opportunities on account of recent losses suffered from a downturn in stock markets and a ‘yet to’ recover global economy. The confidence in the Frontier Markets of Africa is engendered by the potentially high returns and the agility (flexibility and speed) with which PEs can identify and respond to investment opportunities as and when they occur. 

Given the current low rate of returns in the developed economies of the world, Frontiers such as Africa represent a viable market for economic rent particularly in markets where the risks can be successfully managed.

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