Why InVcap?

InVcap facilitates the developmental and expansion processes of its Investee companies through equity investments. We partner to provide developmental capital for operating facilities and financing for high-growth ventures in both primary and related critical peripheral infrastructure in sectors such as commercial real estate, hospitality, tourism, and support infrastructure.
InVcap understands the operating environment and the challenges faced by the fast-growing companies in these sectors and we are able to evaluate the funding requirements of our clients and provide facilities that suit their needs.

Professionalism and Accountability: InVcap explores and maximizes  market opportunities through its partnerships and networks. Its clients benefit from a professional execution and timely delivery of projects through these pool of sources.

Strong Networks: Local presence in our locations underpins our Investment philosophy. InVcap latches on to the “good wind” and advantage of being ‘on ground’ in Africa by leveraging our network of investment consultants/partners most of whom have managed public and private markets in equities and fixed incomes. Through its experts, InVcap provides the required support for the expansion projects of its clients to meet their growth objectives.  By utilizing a “bottom up” investment philosophy, InVcap identifies companies that are able to innovate and re-invent their firms by supporting them with capital and advisory services to become self sustaining companies 

Proactive & Flexibility: InVcap adopts a proactive and flexible approach to Investments by identifying, evaluating projects in our sectors of focus. Through its research team, InVcap conducts the required critical analyses of these companies for possible investments. 

A Different Approach: Unlike other Financial Service providers, InVcap evaluates the credit risk of high-growth companies based on long-term value asides their historical performance. Upon completion of a due diligence, the long-term growth potential and sustainability of each business is evaluated and the capital required and management support is provided to accelerate growth. Our comprehensive understanding of a company’s equity needs and long-term value allows us to evaluate a company’s credit needs beyond today’s balance sheet.

Business/Infrastructure Development: InVcap partners with rapid growth and mid-sized businesses to provide infrastructure and equipment to meet developmental needs. By adopting a collaborative approach and through our Partnerships and networks, we actively work with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop “built-to-last” companies that deliver high returns to its stakeholders.

Value Addition: With a wide network of Partners, InVcap is able to support our investee companies with advisory services. Our advisory team include competent professionals across various units in operations, finance, risk management and business development. Through our expertise, clients are able to transform their businesses in the following specific areas:

  • Restructuring of work teams – Finance, Sales, Risk Management
  • Contract Negotiation, Review of Contractual Agreement
  • Strategic Planning and Development both for short and long term projects
  • Identify talents and human resources required
  • Develop an efficient, result oriented approach to Sales and Marketing.
  • Advise on Partnerships, Resources and Training required for high performing businesses.
  • Feasibility studies, Financial Advisory services and forums on public and private partnerships 

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